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StorageX Initiative is an effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

2022 Symposium Recordings

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December 16 , 2022
Veronica Augustyn & Debra Rolison
"Relevance of Proton-coupled Electrochemical Processes in Metal Oxides for Energy Storage and Conversion"
"Designing Transport into Multifunctional Materials for Energy & Power"
Watch the video recording here


December 2 , 2022
Christian Masquelier & Jerry Barker
"Crystal chemistry of Phosphate-containing positive electrodes for Na-Ion batteries"
"The Path to the Successful Commercialization of Sodium-Ion Batteries"
Watch the video recording here


November 11 , 2022
Steven Visco & Erik Herbert
"The Path to Manufacturing of Next Generation Solid-State Battery Technologies"
"The Critical Role of Mechanics at the Li/SSE Interface"
Watch the video recording here


September 23 , 2022
Austin Sendek & Chris Wolverton
“From Medicine to Materials: Adapting the Drug Discovery Model to the Battery Industry"
"High-Throughput Computation and Data-Driven Methods to Accelerate Discovery of Battery Materials"
Watch the video recording here 


September 9 , 2022
Sanjoy Banerjee & David Ji
“Rechargeable Aqueous Zinc Batteries for the Clean Energy Transition"
"Aqueoous Anion Battery Chemistry"
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 August 26 , 2022
Michael Marshak & Fikile Brushett
“Redox Flow Batteries: Mapping and Emerging Design Space"
"Redox Flow Batteries: Design and Electrochemical Performance of Chelated Metal Complexes for Grid-Scale Energy Storage"
Watch video recording here


August 12 , 2022
Joerg Petrasch & Asegun Henry
“The Magnesium Manganese Oxide Redox System for High Temperature Industrial Heat and Grid Scale Energy Storage”
"Thermal Batteries Concept, Economics and Progress to Date"
Watch video recording here


 June 10, 2022
Alberto Salleo and Kevin Wujcik
“Conjugated polymers for the circular economy of energy storage”
"How Blue Current is building completely dry solid-state batteries with silicon anodes
Watch video recording here


May 27, 2022
Chao-Yang Wang and Mujeeb Ijaz
"Ultra-fast Charging of Energy-dense Batteries for Sustainable Electrification" &
"Reimagining the Battery –Range. Safety. Sustainability"
Watch video recording here


May 20, 2022
Johanna Nelson Weker and Yijin Liu
“X-ray characterization of battery degradation” &
"A Macro-to-Nano Zoom through the hierarchy of A Lithium Ion Battery"
Watch video recording here



 April 29, 2022
Wolfgang Zeier and Kimberly See
"Using solid state chemical concepts to tailor and understand ionic transport in solids" &
"Anion redox mechanisms in alkali-rich metal sulfides"
 Watch video recording here


March 11, 2022     Simona Onori and Dirk Uwe Sauer
"Fifty shades of Advanced Battery Management Systems" &
"Machine Learning and Physico-Chemical Models of Lithium-Ion Batteries - How the two methods can optimally complement each other for battery diagnostics and modelling"
  Watch video recording here



 February 25, 2022
Rahul Jain and Sagar Mitra

"Overview of Indian energy storage ecosystem" &
"Technologies and R&D at in India / IIT Bombay"
Watch video recording here


February 11, 2022
Jessika Trancik and Nicolo` Campagnol
"Energy Storage For Deep Decarbonization" &
"NMC vs LFP: How Chemistry, Technology, Markets and Politics Shape The Future"
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 January 28, 2022
Richard Wang, Herman Wiegman, and Omer Bar-Yohay
"Cuberg's Path Towards Developing Batteries for Electric Aviation" &
"BETA: Just Simple Enough to Be Revolutionary"
"The Eviation Alice: The World's First All-Electric Commuter Aircraft"
Watch video recording here