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StorageX Initiative is an effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

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February 2023

"Rest Induced Revival of Isolated Lithium in Lithium Metal Batteries" - Wenbo Zhang, Ph.D. student, Stanford University
"Impact of Carbon Binder Domain on the Performance of Lithium-metal Batteries " - Weiyu Li, Ph.D. student, Stanford University

January 2023

"A Solvent-Anchored non-Flammable Electrolyte (SAFE)" - Rachael Huang, Ph.D. student

December 2022

"The Predicted Persistence of Co in Li-ion Batteries" - Grace Busse, PhD Candidate

November 2022

"High Entropy Electrolytes for Fast-charging Lithium Metal Batteries" - Sang Cheol Kim

October 2022

"Degradation and Speciation of Li Salts during Battery XPS Analysis" - Weilai Yu
"An Interdigitated Li-Solid Polymer Electrolyte Framework for Interfacial Stable All-Solid-State Batteries" - Yufei Yang

September 200

"Dissolution of The Solid Electrolyte Interphase and Its Effect on Li Metal Anode Cyclability" - Philaphon Sayavong
"Understanding The Selectivity of Electrochemical Ion Insertion in MnO2 Polymorphs" - Evan Carlson

August 2022

"Investigating The Cyclability and Stability at The Interfaces of Composite Solid Electrolytes in Li Metal Batteries" - Sarah Holmes, PH.D. Candidate, Stanford University
"An Operando AFM Understanding of Solid Electrolyte Interphase Growth in Lithium Ion Batteries" - Harry Thaman, Ph.D. Student, Stanford University

July 2022

"NMC-Carbon Contact Resistance in Battery Electrodes." - Stephen Dongmin Kang, Senior Staff Scientist, Stanford University
"Cold-Starting All-Solid-State Batteries by Thermally Modulated Current Collector in Sub-Minute" - Yusheng Ye, Postdoc Researcher, Stanford University

June 2022
"Resisting Dendrites in Lithium Batteries, One Pinhole At A Time", Solomon Tolulope Oyakhire, PH.D. Candidate

May 2022
Characterization and Synthesis of Grid Storage Duty Cycles for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Kevin Moy, Ph.D. Candidate

April 2022
Mechanical origins of lithium-metal intrusions in Li6.6La3Ta0.4Zr1.6O12 (LLZO) revealed by failure statistics, Geoff McConohy, Ph.D. Graduate, Stanford University

March 2022

Molecule Tuning for High-Performance Lithium Battery Electrolytes, Zhiao Yu, Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University
Reprocessable and Recyclable Polymer Network Electrolytes via Incorporation of Dynamic Covalent Bonds, Yangju Lin, Ph.D., Stanford University

February 2022
Suspension Electrolyte With Modified Li-ion Solvation Environment for Lithium Metal Batteries - Mun Sek Kim, Cui Group
A Morphologically Stable Li-Electrolyte Interface for All-Solid-State Batterries Enabled by 3D Micropatterned Garnet - Rong Xu, Cui Group

January 2022
Capturing the Swelling of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase on Lithium Metal Anodes - Zewen Zhang, Cui Group

December 2021
Understanding Li-S Chemistry from Liquid so Solid-State Li-S Batteries - Xin Gao, Cui Group
Rechargeble Na/chlorine and Li/chlorine Batteries - Guanzhou Zhu, Hongjie Dai's Group

November 2021
Steric Effect Tuned Ion Solvation Enabling Stable Cycling of High-Voltage Lithium Metal Battery, Yuelang Chen
Dynamic Responses of "Dead Li" during Battery Operations, Fang Liu

October 2021
Paul Partha, Postdoctoral Scholar, SLAC

September 2021
Crystallographic and Spectroscopic Evidence for Hydride Formation in Lithium Batteries - Rafael Vila, Cui Group
Correlative Learning of Chemo-Mechanics in Phase Transforming Battery - Dean Dang, Chueh Group

August 2021
A Nickle-Decorated Carbon Flower/Sulfur Cathode for Lean-Electrolyte Lithium-Sulfur Batteries - Huaxin Gong, Bao Group
Understanding Capacity Losses in Lithium Metal Negative Electrodes via Operando X-ray Diffraction - Natalie Geise, Mike Toney, Johanna Nelson Weker 

July 2021
Potentiometric Measurement to prove Solvation energy and its Correlation to Lithium Battery Cyclability - Sang Cheol Kim, Cui Group
Positive Electrode Degradation Through Cycling-Induced Oxygen Release - Peter Csernica, Chueh Group

June 2021
Ultrathin Li Metal-Graphene Composite Foil for Li Batteries - Hao Chen, Cui Group
A Cation-Tethered Flowable Polymeric Interface for Enabling Stable Deposition of Metallic Lithium - Rachel Huang - Bao Group
Understanding and Controlling the Electrodeposition of Lithium Metal Using Atomic Layer Deposition - Solomo Oyakhire, Stacey Bent and Yi Cui Group

April 2021
Understanding Thermal and Mechanical Effects on Lithium Plating in Lithium Ion Batteries - Yitao Qin, Linder Group
Understanding and Controlling the Electrodeposition of Lithium Metal Using Atomic Layer Deposition - Solomo Oyakhire, Stacey Bent and Yi Cui Group

March 2021
Ultraligh and Fire-Extinguishing Material Design for Advanced Li-ion Batteries - Yusheng YeCui Group

February 2021
Reaction Limitation, rather than diffusion limitation, controls inhomogeneity in Li-intercalation materials - Stephen KangChueh Group
Dendrite Suppression by a Polymer Coating: A Course Grained Molecula Study - Paul RudnickiJian Group

December 2020
Development of Recyclable Energy Storage Devices utilizing Polymeric Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors - Alexander Giovannitti, Salleo Group
Cathode Electrolyte Interphase in Lithium Batteries by Cryo-EM - Zewan Zhang, Cui Group

October 2020
Data In, Discoveries Out: How Computation and Al are Accelerating Battery Materials Discovery - Brandi Ransom, Reed Group

Molecular design for electrolyte solvents with Li-F interaction enables industrial lithium metal batteries - Zhiao Yu, Bao Group

June 2020
Implementation of the High-fidelity Electrochemical Battery Model: Review, Analysis, and Open-access MATLAB® code, Dr. Seongbeom Lee, Onori Lab

Correlative operando microscopy of the chemistry, nanostructure, and reactivity of oxygen evolving electrocatalysts, Dr. Tyler Mefford, Chueh Group

May 2020
Structure and Chemistry of the Silicon Anode SEI by Cryo-TEM - William Huang, Cui Group

Understanding Additive Controlled Lithium Morphology in Lithium Metal Batteries - Robert Kasse, Toney Group

April 2020
Battery material development and characterization with X-ray techniques - Kipil Lim, Chueh Group & Toney Group

Molecular design of supramolecular polymer electrolytes for lithium metal batteries - Snehashis Choudhury, Bao Group

March 2020
Eutectic mixing as a knob for next-generation flow batteries - Antonio Baclig, Chueh Group
Advancing Battery Health Estimation Algorithms via Electrochemistry and Control Theory - Anirudh Allam, Onori Lab

February 2020
Accelerating battery materials design with machine learning models - Austin Sendek, Reed Group
Ultrathin, Flexible, Solid Polymer Composite Electrolytesfor High Performance and Safe Lithium Batteries - Jiayu Wan, Cui Group

January 2020
Seeded graphene cages as hosts for Li metal anodes - Hansen Wang, Cui Group
Stabilizing High-Valent Redox: A Pathway to High Energy Fe-Rich Cathode Materials - Will Gent, Chueh Group